Feng shui for property sellers

An inviting entrance not only attracts good fortune, it can also attract people – and potential buyers. As feng shui (pronounced fung shway) involves all of the senses, scented flowers, melodic wind chimes and harmonious colours can help to draw people in. It’s said that buyers generally make a decision within 15 seconds, so it’s worth getting it right!

Feng shui tips
1. Clean and declutter your property, both inside and out, and check that paths and fences are in good order. On an unconscious level weeds and peeling paint can conjure up feelings of poverty.
2. First impressions count, so do your own drive-by. Is your street number obvious? What subconscious symbols might people pick up on?
3. Remove paintings that feel depressing.
4. Fill your home with pleasant aromas. Smells like coffee and vanilla will help to lift the vibe.
5. Place pots of yellow flowers near your door or pop some flowers into a vase. Not only is yellow an uplifting colour, it’s said to encourage sales.

Jenny Blume astrology and feng shui 2015Feng shui consultations
By combining her skills in feng shui, colour and design, Jenny can offer cost-effective styling suggestions to improve your home’s appeal and attract buyers. Priced from $300 (for an on-site assessment and action plan) to $400-$600 for written reports.

Jenny is based in Sydney, but travels regularly to the Gold Coast/Byron area.
Phone 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au

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