Business feng shui

As Eastern and Western cultures blend, feng shui is gaining in popularity, not only with home owners but with small businesses and major corporations. It’s a little known fact that companies such as Meriton, Citibank, Suncorp, Virgin, Star Casino, IBM, Microsoft and Trump regularly utilise feng shui consultants. The results speak for themselves.

Whether you’re renovating, moving, buying, selling or simply need a lift, Jenny will provide you with recommendations that will optimise the positive energy in your work space and harmonise negative energies. Jenny combines traditional feng shui with modern colour and design principles to create supportive, feel-good spaces. Jenny will help you to:

*invite more positive energy into your office
*lift the vibe and clear your office of negative energy

*calculate best positions for management and staff
*check electromagnetic fields within your work space
*choose supportive, uplifting colours and artworks
*rearrange furniture to create flow and harmony
*activate your office’s feng shui prosperity points

Find out if your new shop or office has good feng shui BEFORE you move in, not after.
Jenny can check your potential office or retail space using google maps and streetview. After assessing surrounding landforms and compass directions, a flying star feng shui chart can then be drawn up, to assess its potential for attracting business success and good relationships.
Email or phone 0411 631 940 (Aust) to order a report.

Jenny Blume astrology and feng shui 2015Consultations
Jenny specialises in choosing supportive, uplifting colours and artworks. For a quote, phone Jenny on 0411 631 940 or email Find out more about Jenny

Client testimonials…

“We have now worked with Jenny on our office and our home. We were experiencing poor results with our business when we decided to engage Jenny’s services. As a result of an office space clearing and implementation of feng shui remedies the fortunes of our business were reversed resulting in improved work environment for staff and a turn around in profit.

We highly recommend Jenny to assist you in enhancing your home or work environment.” – AW, Feng shui & space clearing, Sydney (October 2014)

“I moved into an inner city terrace late last year, and the vibe felt strange right from the start. I felt quite unmotivated (I work from a home studio) and just wasn’t as ‘up’ as I normally would be. The back bedroom actually felt quite spooky too, and when I mentioned this to a friend, she told me about Jenny Blume. I decided to get Jenny in to do a ‘space clearing’, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The vibe seemed to improve almost overnight, and my work picked up too. She give me a few feng shui tips as well, and suggested a new position for my bed which has really improved my sleep. Thanks!” – Melissa, Space Clearing, Paddington (April 2012)