Feng shui tips for a lucky 2017

Jenny Blume feng shui colourful doormat

If your home or front door faces east, 2017 might prove to be a lucky year you you! The colour red will help to attract fortuitious energy into your home, so place a red pot plant or doormat near your door, add extra lighting, and look for ways to make it as beautiful as possible.

1 Attract more luck

An inviting entrance will draw good fortune into your home, so lavish it with love to create a bright, uplifting space. Give your doormat a good wash, or if you’ve had a really rotten year, buy a nice new one. Fix creaky doors and gates, weed, trim plants and wash down your porch and front path. New year, new you!

2 Clear the clutter

Clutter can act as a type of barrier, trapping you in the past and making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life. If it feels like a daunting task, break it down into manageable portions, and tackle one cupboard at a time. The weight lifted will be immediate. If you don’t love, need or use an item, ditch it or pass it on!

3 Clean your kitchen

In feng shui, a clean, attractive kitchen is a sign of health and prosperity. To encourage a steady income, use all of your hotplates, and if your back faces the door when cooking, add a mirror or reflective splashback.

4 Move your mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can draw light or pleasant views into a room, but reflecting dark or ugly areas will emphasize problems. Mirrors in bedrooms can ‘double’ arguments, so cover them up at night if you want to calm the vibe.

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