jenny blume astrology & feng shuiJenny’s fascination with feng shui and astrology runs parallel to her passion for colour and design. She has worked extensively as a designer, art director and astrologer (for 30 years).

For the past 12 years, Jenny has been writing destiny columns and weekly star signs for publications including Woman’s Day, Real People UK and Courier newspapers. Feng shui brings Jenny’s passions into perfect harmony.

Her qualifications in classical feng shui, space clearing, Western astrology and Chinese solar astrology (also known as 4 Pillars of Luck or BaZi) were gained through ACES, Australia’s only accredited feng shui college, The Australian Academy of Feng Shui and the Sydney Astrology Centre.

FENG SHUI After analysing your home or office’s feng shui chart, Jenny will help you to create a feel good environment that will support your health, wealth and personal relationships; she will also advise on styling, colours and furniture placement.

What do Jenny’s feng shui consultations include? * Optimum room/furniture layouts  * Professional advice on colours, styling and artwork * Best sleep and study directions for each family member * In offices, best positions for staff and important meetings * Advice on attracting prosperity, luck and people into your home or office * Safety audit, checking for high EMFs * Written report and friendly ongoing advice.

Feng shui services and price guide

Space clearings. These are ideal for shifting negative energy, especially after moving into a new home or if you need a lift. An electromagnetic check (looking for high emfs) is included, along with a 4 corner blessing. I conduct clearings and house blessings for homes and offices in the Sydney, Byron Bay and Gold Coast areas. Click here for more information on space clearings. Average $290-380

Feng shui pre-purchase reports. If you’re looking at buying, I can check floor plans online or via email, draw up the flying star chart, check google streetview, and then put it all together to assess a home’s potential for health, wealth and relationships. Problematic homes are easy to spot! A 1-2 page report will then be emailed, if possible within 24-48 hours. Average $190-210, discounted to $150 after the first two reports.
Feng shui pre-purchase report – sample

Mini feng shui report. My condensed reports summarize the positive and negative energy within your home and make recommendations on how to support health, wealth and relationships. Beds, desks and water features can then be positioned in the best places. A 4-5 page report will emailed with suggestions. Remote consultation av $290; onsite consultation $290-390 (including an emf check)

Comprehensive feng shui report. This service includes onsite visit (around 1.5 hours), followed by a report within 1 week. Detailed suggestions on room layouts, colours, water features, mirrors and images will help to harmonise your home and support health, wealth and relationships; your report will include BaZi, to determine supportive colours and directions. Call 0411 631 940 for a quote.

Annual feng shui update. Each year brings a shift in energy; some directions will draw a more fortuitous energy into your home or office, while other areas may need harmonising. For existing clients Jenny can draw up a 1-2 page annual report, detailing ways to draw more luck, health and harmony into your home. $80

For offices and retail premises please call 0411 631 940 for a confidential, free quote.

AFSC-logo1Jenny is fully qualified in feng shui, astrology and space clearing and is a professional member of the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) and NSW Astrologers Association (AANSW).

Personal astrology readings

Want to know where you’re heading … or curious about your career, relationships, finances, health issues, karmic lessons or hidden talents?
Jenny offers private psychic astrology readings, either in person or on the phone. Astrology prices:
Comprehensive reading, using a combination of Western astrology and Chinese BaZi, which includes best colours and directions (75-90 mins) AU$150
Shorter 35-40 minute readings: $75
Career guidance readings: $100

Contact Jenny on 0411 631 940 or email