Space clearing

Space clearing can be likened to spring cleaning your home on an unseen, energetic level. As negative vibes – from previous occupants, arguments or illnesses – are cleared, you should feel a fresh sense of energy and enthusiasm.

When are space clearings most beneficial?
After renovating or moving into a new home
When you feel ‘stuck’ in life or need a lift
When the residue of past occupants is strong
If you feel that your house may be haunted
After a run of illness or the death
If you feel unusually anxious or depressed
If nightmares or disturbed sleep are getting you down

What’s involved?
Space Clearing involves some preparation both at your end and mine, with the procedure taking roughly 2 hours. After a space clearing the vibe generally feels much lighter and more buoyant; many clients report better sleep and less anxiety, both in themselves and pets. Av home AU$290-380

Jenny offers consultations in the Sydney, Gold Coast and Byron Bay areas. Phone 0411 361 940 or email

Client testimonials

” I contacted Jenny after my house was the scene of a terrible argument. My partner and I had rented it out on airbnb and had to return early as our neighbours awoke to the unpleasant sounds of the argument. I was very rattled by this situation as I care very much about the energy in my home and believe all that negativity would have been very unhealthy for my partner, puppy dog and I. Jenny was very warm and compassionate in her correspondence, swiftly organising a space clearing so I did not even have to return to the house until after she was done.

The difference between when I walked in on the day of the incident and when I returned after Jenny had done her work was incredible. The house felt light and warm. The whole place was filled with a serene calm. I am very grateful for her service and would recommend her to anyone who needs to refresh their home. Thank you Jenny!’ – CR, Freshwater, Sydney (October 2016)

“I must let you know how effective your recent space clearing and feng shui consultation was. As you know my main issues were negativity, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns and restlessness. My three rescue dogs whom were also very anxious due to their past sad experiences, were immediately calm and settled … and they continue to be which astounds me, and for that I’m very grateful.

I have undertaken all your feng shui recommendations and am feeling very positive and happy in my home and work life. My anxiety and restlessness has been considerably reduced, so life now feels much happier and smoother. I can’t thank you enough!”  – JA, Feng shui & space clearing, Sydney (Nov 2015)

“We have now worked with Jenny on our office and our home. We were experiencing poor results with our business when we decided to engage Jenny’s services. As a result of an office space clearing and implementation of feng shui remedies the fortunes of our business were reversed resulting in improved work environment for staff and a turn around in profit. We highly recommend Jenny to assist you in enhancing your home or work environment.” – AW, Sydney (Oct 2014)

“When Jenny arrived, our house lit up immediately. I knew from the moment she walked in that she was going to transform our lovely but stifled home into something a bit more homely and peaceful. I enjoyed every minute of the energy clearing, and when Jenny was almost done, I could feel the energy at work. Big time. Each room felt lighter, more inviting, and tremendously more joyous. Living felt easier, gentler, nicer.

Since the clearing I’ve felt the need to clear out each space physically, to get rid of clutter and keep only those things that matter. I trust my intuition and I’m surprised and delighted with how each room is still coming to life. Sleep has been deep and thoroughly refreshing. Also, I feel protected. I feel safe in opening up windows and curtains almost every day. I enjoy creating rituals with candles and flowers. I’m forever grateful to Jenny for her work in our home. Thank you x”  – KF, North West Sydney, (March 2014)

“Thanks so much for your astrology reading Jenny. Accurate accurate accurate… All very relevant and very informative… ” – TC, Victoria, (August 2014)

“Jenny performed a house clearing at the unit I lived in last year.  This was after  a series of unpleasant and creepy events had taken place in the complex which had culminated in my much loved cat being killed by a neighbour’s dog. Needless to say, I was devastated.
In her extensive dealings with me Jenny was gentle, strong and highly attuned to my state of being.  She was also keenly aware of the areas in the unit that required her attention.  She used a combination of talking, listening, ritual, sound, fire and smudge sticks to clear negative energy and included me in the process. She instructed me on how to prepare the space, spent many hours with me on the day and gave me follow through activities to perform after she had gone.
Jenny eased me out of my numb state, cleared the demons out of my house and helped me to take action.  I am very grateful for the kindness she showed me.  She played an important part in my recovery.”  – Anna (March 2013)

“I moved into an inner city terrace late last year, and the vibe felt strange right from the start. I felt quite unmotivated (I work from a home studio) and just wasn’t as ‘up’ as I normally would be. The back bedroom actually felt quite spooky too, and when I mentioned this to a friend, she told me about Jenny Blume. I decided to get Jenny in to do a ‘space clearing’, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The vibe seemed to improve almost overnight, and my work picked up too. She give me a few feng shui tips as well, and suggested a new position for my bed which has really improved my sleep. Thanks!” – Melissa, Paddington (April 2012)

“What a difference our space clearing has made. My family and I were constantly sick, and had a run of bad luck, but since Jenny Blume’s space clearing we have seldom been sick (just the odd sniffle) and feel as if a great weight has been lifted from our lives. It wasn’t instant, but certainly after the first few weeks we felt healthier, happier and better than ever. I can’t recommend Jenny highly enough.

Six months later we got Jenny back in to do a feng shui consultation. I landed a better job within six weeks and after moving furniture around, changing our fish tank position and placing various feng shui items in certain positions, our finances really picked up. Thank you.” – AS, NSW Central Coast (April 2011)

“I just wanted to tell you that I found a reading you did for me in the mid 90s. I have listened to it about four times and wanted to tell you how amazingly accurate it was. At the time I thought it was good but looking back now it is sooooo good. The grown up me sees all of my characteristics you described and I am totally blown away by your skills!” – JS, astrology reading (from mid 1990s)

Gauss meter check in bedroomNOTE: Radiation & electrical fields (emfs)
Feng shui looks at the total environment, so these days, electricity and wireless radiation need to be assessed. Magnetic fields and electrical currents can greatly disturb sleep and play havoc with your health, so always turn off electric blankets before retiring and keep televisions, reading lamps, phones and computers well away from your bed. With the help of a Gauss meter, Jenny can easily check your home’s radiation levelss; safer options and furniture positions can then be discussed.

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