Seminars & talks

Interested in learning more about feng shui or astrology? Jenny is available for talks and seminars in the Sydney and Byron Bay/Gold Coast areas.
Topics include …

Feng shui fundamentals
Jenny will give a brief history of feng shui, then explain its uses and fundamentals – the importance of energy flow, compass directions and balance, or yin and yang. Jenny will discuss ways to attract energising ‘chi’ into your home and look at common problems, such as long hallways. The influence of positive and negative symbols will be explained, for example, vines can indicate legal problems and emotional entanglement, while fruit trees can attract wealth and abundance. Indoor plants, mirrors and furniture placement will also be discussed in this talk.

Feng shui for bedrooms
Insomnia can be exacerbated by many factors, including a bed’s position, windows, antique furniture and poor air quality. Children’s bedrooms are often over-stimulating, while adults tend to play it safe with neutrals – but the result can be a lack of life and passion. Furniture layouts and common problems will be discussed, along with the power of various colours. Red may encourage passion, but it can stir up anger and heart problems, while too much blue can flip from calming to depressing. You will be shown how to calculate Chinese ‘ming gua’ numbers, which give optimum sleep and study directions. This seminar should help you to turn your bedroom into a restful haven.

Feng shui for home sellers*
An inviting entrance not only attracts good fortune, it can also attract people – and potential buyers. Using traditional feng shui principles, Jenny will advise on ways to draw auspicious chi into your home, and discuss the importance of appealing to all the senses; uplifting smells and sounds can lift the vibe in a flash. The power of colour, artwork and symbols will also be discussed (single chairs can convey loneliness) along with the importance of decluttering and depersonalising. Finally, Jenny will suggest ways to show your home in the best possible light, to give that indefinable feel-good factor.
* This talk should also interest home owners.

Harness the moon’s energy
As the moon transits each star sign (every two and a half days) the vibe changes, for example, Virgo moons can get us organised while Leo moons tap into our extravagant, fun-loving sides. Lunar phases will also be explained: the growing (waxing) moon encourages expansion, making this the time to plant seeds, launch projects or set up bank accounts, while the reducing (waning) moon inhibits growth, making this the best period for quitting bad habits, weeding the garden or getting a haircut; the final quarter is a time to reflect on life and formulate plans. In this seminar, Jenny will discuss the moon’s influence, and teach you how to follow its phases and path through the signs.

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon last Sunday. You are amazing with your knowledge – and your passion for your teachings is inspiring! – Cheryl

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