How can feng shui help you?

Jenny combines three schools of feng shui (including flying stars), colour and design to create supportive, feelgood homes and work spaces. Any space that we spend time in should recharge our spirits. Not only will your home or office feel more harmonious after being feng shuied, it will better support your health, wealth and relationships. As a professional feng shui (often pronounced fung shway) consultant, Jenny will help you to:

*invite luck, love and prosperity into your life
*clear your home or office of negative energy

*create restful, sleep-inducing bedrooms
*calculate your best sleep & study directions
*check for high electromagnetic fields (emfs)
*choose harmonious colours and artworks
*rearrange furniture for flow and harmony
*if selling, attract potential buyers
*style rooms to emphasise their best features
*activate your feng shui prosperity points

Jenny likes to include Chinese astrology (BaZi) into her consultations, to determine her clients’ most supportive colours, directions and elements.

As Eastern and Western cultures blend, feng shui is gaining in popularity, not only with home owners but with businesses and corporations. It’s a little known fact that companies such as Meriton, Citibank, Suncorp, Virgin, Star Casino, IBM, Microsoft and Trump all utilise feng shui. In offices feng shui can determine the most supportive positions for staff and management; prosperity points can be activated and items placed to attract business.

Jenny has had great success helping businesses to prosper and grow.

jenny blume astrology & feng shuiFeng shui for buyers & sellers
By combining her skills in feng shui and design, Jenny can offer cost-effective suggestions to attract buyers. Before buying a property, Jenny can assess the home or office’s potential for health, wealth and harmonious relationships, then write a pre-purchase feng shui report ($190 average).
Feng shui pre-purchase report – sample

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Radiation & electrical fields (emfs)
Feng shui looks at the total environment, so these days, electricity and wireless radiation need to be assessed. High electromagnetic fields, known as EMFs, can affect sleep and play havoc with your body’s health and immune system. With the help of a Gauss meter, Jenny will check radiation levels, especially around beds and work-stations. Surprisingly, She finds high levels in roughly every six consultations!

Space Clearing

jenny bluume space clearing with sageSpace clearing, or spiritual house cleansing, can be likened to spring cleaning your home or work space on an unseen, energetic level. As negative vibes from previous occupants, arguments or illnesses are removed the energy will lift; most clients notice the shift immediately. Jenny’s space clearings are concluded with a protective ‘Four corner blessing’.

When are space clearings most beneficial?
* After moving into a new (or old!) home or office * If arguments have escalated in your new office or abode * When the feel of past occupants is hanging around * If health, sleep or relationships have deteriorated since moving * If you feel down or simply need a lift.

Jenny is based in Sydney, but regularly visits the Gold Coast/Byron Bay region

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